Pregnant Pops

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Pregnant Pops

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Safer than the nest that carries eggs in your body, and if you are not a mammal that comes equipped with a womb, there is no reason for men not to do so.
متجر بيطري

The most extreme example is the seahorse. The male hippopotamus has a brood pouch that works very much like a womb of mammals. The female deposited her eggs in the bag, and after the male fertilized them, they are attached to the wall of the bag, which contains the liquid that provides nutrients and oxygen. After several weeks of pregnancy, the male undergoes hours of labor to give birth to young children at seahorse.

Some dedicated parents discovered that they could carry their babies even without a bag. Several frogs and frogs are laid eggs in a long chain, and male species, the able frog, wrap the strings of eggs around their legs and carry them until they hatch them, which may take up to two months.

But if your eggs are not in a string and you don't have a bag, there is still one thing to do if you are really loyal - some parents squeeze their eggs into their mouths. Darwin's Southern Frog protects the fertilized eggs that they hatch, then collects and swallows small frogs in his unusual large vocal sac. They spend about 50 days there until they turn into frogs and get out of their mouth.

Some fish are the mouthguards, too, and in species such as cardinal fish, it is the male who does the job. Most mouthguards cannot eat while they are carrying their babies. Although in cardinal fish, usually only about 20 small fish are born from claw 40 or so eggs, so it may not be completely hungry.

Our cousins ​​are mammals
Some of our mammal colleagues are models of parental care as well, though of course. Small monkeys called marmosets and tamarins are famous for sharing household chores with the whole family, and parents especially participate. For example, in a Marmost monkey, the father carries the children most of the time, and gives them up to the mother only when they need nursing.

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